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5 Easy Flowers to Grow From Seed In September

After surviving the brutal heat of August, Texas gardeners look forward to getting their fall garden going. These five easy flowers to grow from seed in September, and by October, the weather will be cool enough for them to go into the ground. In Central Texas, we are lucky to …

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11 Easy To Grow Plants For Early Spring Color

April is a glorious month in Central Texas. Temperatures are pleasant, with occasional out-of-season highs. This time of the year, the garden is at its peak as far as blooms are concerned. Many of these blooming plants need very little to no attention. They spend the winter in dormancy and …

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March Blooms In a Texas Garden

March is the most glorious month in a Central Texas home garden. The temperatures are cool and refreshing. It is the best time to take a morning stroll and enjoy the colorful palette of flowers with the sweet scent of Spring.

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Make Your Texas Garden Bloom In Winter

In the south, winter gardens can be just as colorful as in spring and summer. Many flowering plants withstand light frost and sometimes even a freeze. The following list is a curation of the most available plants that any can use to add color to their winter garden. 1- Pansies: …