Let’s team up and set up the right foundation for your edible garden. Let me help you observe and understand your space better. Instead of working against nature, we will work with it to save you a lot of hassle and backache. 

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Find Your Fit

Together we will choose the right plan to fit your lifestyle. From low maintenance, moderate, to a busy garden plan, there must be something for you. 

Enjoy Life With Your New Friend

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle by growing your own food. Leave your worries behind and let hope grow with every seed you sow. You shall never get bored with the constant change each season brings. Gardening is an adventure that never ends. Get yourself a consult today.    

A garden is a friend you can visit any time.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Tilelli is a wonderful resource for families, who are hoping to start a garden, in central Texas. With over 8 years of hands-on experience, she has helped me start mine and guided me through each step. I have been trying to grow things for over 4 years, but I would lose hope due to low production and many plant issues. This year, I took Tilelli’s help right from the get-go. So far, I have enjoyed several harvests of tomatoes, cucumbers, cantaloupes, and herbs. I am excited to plant the winter crops and enjoy them with my children. PS: I am a physician and a mother of two little ones, if I can do this you can too, with some help and encouragement.
N. Khatri
M.D.Geriatrics Medecine
Thank you, Tilelli, for all your awesome customized recommendations. I could not be more satisfied. You have such a wealth of information, and you are so generous about sharing it. We have a long road ahead of us, but thanks to you, we know where to start now, and I sure we will make it happen.
C. Martin
SAH mother of two


Initial Consult

  • Up to 60 min onsite visit for $100.
  • Discuss your garden aspirations.
  • Answer the what, when, how, and the where. 
  • Offer plan and material suggestions.
  • A handout with useful gardening information.
  • Follow up with a written report for your reference.
  • You may request a detailed sketch of your plan for an additional $25.
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Follow-up Coaching & Training

To help you carry on with your garden dreams, we offer follow-up sessions.

  • Three 30 min sessions a month for $120.
  • Teach you basic gardening maintenance.
  • Identify issues and work on solutions.
  • You can call or email your questions in between
here is how to build good garden soil


If you don’t want a month-long commitment, we offer a single coaching session. 

  • A 45 min session for $50.
  • Sit with you and listen to your concerns and garden issues. 
  • Set up an action plan.
  • A follow up written repot for your reference with all the details and valuable tips. 
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