Do you blame yourself for not being able to finish tasks?

Are you frustrated and feel out of control?

Do you think your emotions are in charge?

Were you told that your condition is here to stay?

Did you decide to live a healthier lifestyle, but could not figure out where to start?

Do you have a loved one that is hard to deal with or so you think?

You are not alone!

Yes, sister. Been there, done that.

I am a wife and mother of four. With no family nearby, I stayed home raising my kids while my husband was mostly on business trips.

My health started going downhill by the third pregnancy. With no real help from conventional medicine, I realized I had to find solutions independently.

Depression, eczema, vertigo, anemia, IBS, and electrical headaches were starting to take over my life.

The key was to return to the basics and eliminate all the fluff in my life.

Fluff was everywhere: in the food, the habits, the mind, and the soul. All aspects of my life were crowded so I had to lighten the weight and simplify it.

Welcome to Holistic Harmony!

This is a five-session-long program in which we delve into everything life-related. Our emotional, spiritual, physical, and social health are the puzzle pieces that make up our well-being.

Our mindset holds the beliefs that shape how we sense the world around us and how we perceive ourselves in it.

Most of us, however, have a mindset controlled by external factors such as religion, traditions, social rules, ideologies, and movements.

Being able to process our feelings and think intentionally is our goal in this program toward holistic harmony.

Bottom line, holistic living is a mindset shift that frees us from limiting beliefs, allowing us to have better control over our reactions.

What to Expect

  • Discuss your lifestyle, routines, and habits.
  • Relate to your cultural and social background.
  • Unveil the reasons behind your struggle.
  • Introduce small changes that fit your lifestyle.
  • We may provide a list of ingredient substitutions if needed.
  • You will be provided tracking materials to help gauge your progress.
  • Before each session, you will receive a reassessment.
  • Fallbacks are part of the process, let’s embrace them and move on.