Grow from seed or transplant? How to decide

Growing vegetables started as a hobby to overcome depression 12 years ago. Then, it turned into a passion and a way to connect my growing family with our roots through traditional foods.

Then health issues started taking over our lives, pushing us to seek answers. When the doctors had no answers I had to look around for solutions.

With no surprise to me, going back to basics and using natural remedies turned out to be the right solution for all of us.

  • Growing food organically and eating in season for the highest nutrient content.
  • Focusing on building native healthy soil to grow nutrient-dense food.
  • Getting rid of all packaged food even those with “healthy” labels.
  • Learning to preserve food through pickling, fermenting, and dehydrating to maintain a healthy microbiome.
  • Making sourdough bread (this one healed my IBS).
  • Growing herbs to make teas, salves ( for my eczema), and balms ( for my kids’ chapped lips).
  • Getting rid of any extra chemicals in the house (cleaners, bleach, creams, and dyes, reducing our headaches and allergies).

The transformation is still in progress as it is a journey that is evolving with our ever-changing life.

Gardening was the main factor that brought change to my life. It does not only feed the body, but it also awakens wisdom and comforts the soul. It is one of the many ways that connect us with the Creator of All Things.