start a garden

Transform your backyard into your farm stand

This is pocket guide for your to use as a  quick garden reference. It breaks  down the year into growing seasons, and lists main crops for each. You will also find essential tending tasks and harvesting advice.  

Get your Kitchen Garden 101

This is an easy follow along guide to get your kitchen garden set up. 

garden 101

Summer Garden Maintenance task

This is a list of the most frequent tasks to maintain your summer garden. 

Thank you Tilelli for igniting a new passion in me. I always loved plants, but with your contagious passion I am even more in love with thee plants. Despite my busy schedule, I manage to visit my garden, check on it and even talk to my plants.
How to grow butterfly bush (buddleia)
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central Texas growing calendar

Not sure what to grow when?

The growing calendar makes it easier for you to decide what to grow at the right time. It also shows you the time you need to start the seed

Did you know you could have a winter garden?

This is an easy guide to help you grow a cool-season garden. It has space saving tip to maximize your harvest in the a small space. 

Thank you for the encouraging words, I am very happy to know that I can grow some food in my backyard. I love the suggestions you gave me and the plan for the garden. I truly am thankful to have talked to you.
11 simple garden tasks for winter
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Get your garden started with these Cheat sheets

This a start up guide for you to get going with that garden you have been dreaming about.