How to Grow Lettuce in Central Texas?

Learn how to grow lettuce in Central Texas or any other region with mild winters. This post curates all the tips and tricks collected over the years. When to grow lettuce in Central Texas? Lettuce is a cool-season crop that thrives in temperatures 75F (25C) and below. If the weather …

how to grow cucumbers in central Texas

How to Grow Cucumbers In Central Texas

When to grow cucumbers in central Texas? Cucumbers are warm-season crops. Grow them in central Texas after all danger of frost has passed, which is around the second half of April. Note that high temperatures affect fruit settings drastically. For this reason, Texas gardeners plant cucumbers in two intervals. The …

how to grow zucchini squash in central Texas

How To Grow Squash in Central Texas?

Zucchini, squash or courgette are all different names for one vegetable. Summer squash is the variety that grows during summer for quick consumption. Winter squash includes butternuts, gourds, acorn, and pumpkins which take longer time to mature. They have thicker skin and they store well for winter use.