Curiosity to Passion

My gardening adventure started as curiosity, trying to figure out how to grow things. Gradually, as I started understanding nature better I got hooked. 

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organic gardening for beginners

Passion to Ambition

When I reached my personal goal, of growing most of my family’s produce, I made it a mission to teach others how to do the same.

Ambition to Mission

I was, once, called a Brown Thumb. That might not seem realistic today, but ten years ago, gardening was not my thing. 

You too can have a beautiful and productive garden, if you had the right knowledge. Get yourself a garden coaching consult to set up your garden properly from the get go.  

How to grow ranunculus in central texas


Initial Consult

  • Up to 60 min onsite visit for $100.
  • Discuss your garden aspirations.
  • Answer the what, when, how, and the where. 
  • Offer plan and material suggestions.
  • A handout with useful gardening information.
  • Follow up with a written report for your reference.
  • You may request a detailed sketch of your plan for an additional $25.
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Follow-up Coaching & Training

To help you carry on with your garden dreams, we offer follow-up sessions.

  • Three 30 min sessions a month for $120.
  • Teach you basic gardening maintenance.
  • Identify issues and work on solutions.
  • You can call or email your questions in between
here is how to build good garden soil


If you don’t want a month-long commitment, we offer a single coaching session. 

  • A 45 min session for $50.
  • Sit with you and listen to your concerns and garden issues. 
  • Set up an action plan.
  • A follow up written repot for your reference with all the details and valuable tips. 

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