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Hello, and welcome to my home refuge/ garden. I am a proud mother of four, two girls and two boys. I consider myself an accidental gardener, as eight years ago, I would not have imagined myself finding peace in my garden and growing my family’s food.

My gardening interest sparked after I saved a loquat tree from getting chopped down by my landlord. Despite the fact it was a sickly-looking tree, it had sentimental value in my heart. It reminded me of my parents’ house.

Growing up, my parents planted a loquat tree in the courtyard. I was five at the time, and I watched my dad and grand-dad care for it through the years. Thirty-four years forward, the tree is still in the same spot. My brothers managed to rebuild the house without harming it.

about mama the passionate gardener
The beginnings of my garden back in 2015

The Beginning of An Adventure

Gardening then started as a hobby up until the bad news of cancer started hitting our family from every side. We were in disbelieve, we are healthy eaters, and our meals are all cooked at home.

Questions started popping in my head, and the quest to find answers put me at full speed. I was horrified by the reality of our food industry and agriculture. Harmful chemicals have become part of our daily life.

Since then, I took on the challenger of growing as many vegetables as possible. Also, reducing our use of harmful cleaning products and only stick to the basics.

about mama the passionate gardener

One Step Closer

Five years into my challenge, I am confident to declare that I am producing 3/4 of our vegetable needs in my small 224 sqft garden.

At this point, I grow what we eat for the season. I am not interested in long term vegetable storage unless there is a surplus. Then I added flowers to bring more color and to provide food for the beneficial insects.

A Place For Healing and Contemplating

The garden is my backyard market, as my friends like to call it. It is my refuge and healing place too. Many times, we find ourselves in helpless situations. But putting our faith in the Creator gives us the strength we need.

Watching the garden come back to life after a damaging storm proves us that there is a greater caring force.

about mama the passionate gardener

A New Goal

My new goal is to join the force and convince people to grow part of their food. Just by talking to my friends and sharing with them my harvest, many of them became gardeners. My doctor’s nurse practitioner is growing some of her favorite vegetables after we spent 40 minutes talking about it while waiting for my doctor to come.

I was happy the day a teacher in my kids’ school suggested starting a garden for the kindergarteners. Many years later, kids still visit the garden and are curious to learn more about it.

Harvest time is most precious when you get to see the children’s eyes sparkle with joy while harvesting the vegetables they planted. And then they eat it, some of them, for the first time.

I ate broccoli and I loved it. I was so good…

A preschooler’s statement

Many kids begged their parents to make a garden at home, so the number of families growing veggies increased through the years. Many of them approached me asking how-to questions. For this reason, I decided to put my learning experience in one place and share it with a wider audience.

A Devine Order

Being a gardener means caring about others and being supportive. My joy reached the top the day I was able to send a portion of my harvest to our community’s food pantry.

One summer weekend, for some divine reason, I had an unusual harvest of peppers, tomatoes, and zucchini. I decided to fill up some produce containers that I keep aside, with a variety of vegetables, and sent them with my daughter to the food pantry.

My husband and teenage daughter were volunteering that day, at the community food pantry. The supplies were scares, and not everyone was able to get their stock for the month.

Lo and behold, my produce containers came in handy since some mothers got nothing but a bag of rice. My husband asked them if they would want some fresh vegetables. They were so happy to take them,” he said.

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The Door is Open

Urban gardening, farming, and homesteading are fast-growing movements around the world. Come along and join us, and let’s live a cleaner and safer life. I will be glad to have you follow my gardening journey. We are going to talk, vegetables, recipes, and flowers.

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